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Department of Sociology


The Government General Degree College at Manbazar-II, Purulia is the first and, so far, the only government college in Purulia district. Its journey began from 2015 under the purview of the Director of Public Instruction, Higher Education Department; Government of West Bengal.


Name Designation Details
Dr. Anushua Roy
Assistant Professor in WBES and Head of the Department (Since April, 2019)
Ms. Ojaswita Sharma
Assistant Professor in WBES


The Department offers undergraduate honours and program course in Sociology. The curriculum and syllabus of all courses is under the affiliation of Sidho Kanho BirshaUniversity, Purulia.


It is the endeavor of Sociology is to dive in everyday lives of human cultures. Markedly, society is a complex entity that unfolds itself at various junctures. The enduring and elaborate intricacies of human actions are much worthy and engaging to be considered. The striking changes undergone by surrounding human interactions essentially culminates to enthralling societal expansions. Therein, discipline such as Sociology is imperative during contemporary times.

In this engaging journey the Department offers a wide range of library resources.  The faculty members often engage the students in various academic discussions through filming of documentaries and short features; subsequently, encouraging them to participate in group activities.  


The faculty members are interested in nurturing and encouraging the young minds to enquire about the surrounding cultural dynamics. Since the college is situated in the culturally rich society, faculty members strive to enhance the cultural conscience of the students. Therein, the students are inspired to take part in research activities both qualitative and quantitative in nature.