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Department of Geology


In one word, geology is a field based interdisciplinary science which combines all other branches science to unravel the history of earth from its very beginning.  Since its creation the earth has never been stopped changing. At present, unequivocal evidences of these changes can be visualised through the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, climate changes etc. Here, under the roof of Department of Geology, we study the underlying processes that ranges from the process of building of colossal mountains like the Himalayas from dried up ocean floors to the process of onset of life that rule our blue planet.

The Department of Geology, of this Institution, sets its foot from the monsoon of 2015. This department gives chance to the undergraduatestudents to travel backward in time to reveal why at present the earth looks in the way like it does and prepare them to predict the future of the earth. Being located amidst the forests of Junglemahal and rocky lands of the Chottanagpur plateau, this department provides the opportunity to study geology both on and off the class roomsimultaneously. This department hosts both modern and traditional infrastructural facilities for teaching in both classroom and laboratory. At present, the department is served by full time faculty members with diverse area of expertise and extensive training in academic and industrial interface.


Name Designation Details
Dr. Arnab Dasgupta
Assistant Professor (WBES) at GGDC, Manbazar-II: since 2015
Head of the Department: 2017-till date
Dr. Dhiren Kumar Ruidas
  • Assistant Professor in W.B.E.S since 2019
  • Geoscientist- Data Analytics, Petroleum E & P, Reliance Industries Ltd (2012-2019)

Mr. Goutam Sarkar
Assistant Professor in WBES since September, 2019


The Department offers undergraduate Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)honours course in Geology. The curriculum and syllabus of all courses is under the affiliation of Sidhu-Kanhu-Birsha University.


The Department houses well equipped laboratories that aids in teaching and research activities.A large amount of natural rocks, minerals and fossils samples, collected by the teachers and students of the department are also housed within the laboratory.


The faculty members are specialization and research interests are varies from the field of Structural Geology,Igneous and Metamorphic rock, Sedimentology, Palaeontology, Geochronology, Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, Fluid inclusion study, Mineral chemistry, Seismic Sedimentology, Sequence stratigraphy, Reservoir architecture and property analysis.The Department supports well equipped laboratories that aids in teaching and research activities.